(yes, it is) 23 of May – 26 of June I’ll be one of three residents in the project Walking Peace in the Avian Kingdom in Sweden, organised by ARNA at the very spot where two pilgrim trails meet in Harlösa. Walking Peace is a green, slow and peaceful way of making new connections across cultural backgrounds and religions, creating art as a statement for peace while walking. Afterwards I'll be researching the pioneer life in Värmland.



What. I asked in my last post. What are we doing here? And who is this we?
But it was another question I carried with me while walking.
Sometimes I wonder if it is childish. If it is too literal. But maybe carrying the why’s is better than asking them. I tried to stop asking them a long time ago.

In my first year as an art student I was asking myself this question all the time. Why make this? Why do this? Why not in a different way?
After a while I realised it wasn’t about answering this question but about letting go. About putting the question aside. The question is useless once you’ve found the answer. And the question is always more interesting than the answer is. Asking it means you will start looking for the answer. Or somebody else will. Making art is always about asking questions. 
But never about answering them.

I’ve been collecting branches shaped like a “Y”. Pronounce the letter and you will know why. They have all the functions I need to fit in here. Or to not fit in here. They sound like a question. But you can also use them to find water. They can find the source, the thing we need to stay alive. A lot of the churches we pass while walking the pilgrim trail are build over a well. The well is often still there, inside the church. In the cathedral in Lund people throw money in it and make a wish. The water promises something. Life. Not necessarily a good one though. And we all know we have to be carefull what we ask for.

The y-shaped branches can also be used as catapults. And that comes in handy. Defending yourself. Attacking when necessary. With a weapon. But the question will do too. Questions are the best weapons anyway.

Why are we here?