(yes, it is) 23 of May – 26 of June I’ll be one of three residents in the project Walking Peace in the Avian Kingdom in Sweden, organised by ARNA at the very spot where two pilgrim trails meet in Harlösa. Walking Peace is a green, slow and peaceful way of making new connections across cultural backgrounds and religions, creating art as a statement for peace while walking. Afterwards I'll be researching the pioneer life in Värmland.



where does the walking stop?
and who am i walking with?

a friend send me a poem tonight
moon rondeau by carl sandburg

i was just thinking about snails carrying moons on their backs
about the longest day being the start of summer but at the same time the beginning of the shortening of days

my favorite flowers have start to wither
and bonnie prince billy sings
about weakening his darkness by holding it close to him
loving it, being inseperable to it

and then this

"Love is a door we shall open together."
So they told each other under the moon
One evening when the smell of leaf mould
And the beginnings of roses and potatoes
Came on a wind.

Late in the hours of that evening
They looked long at the moon and called it
A silver button, a copper coin, a bronze wafer.
A plaque of gold, a vanished diadem,
A brass hat dripping from deep waters.

"People like us,
us two,
We own the moon."

some people I walk with every day
every hour, every minute