(yes, it is) 23 of May – 26 of June I’ll be one of three residents in the project Walking Peace in the Avian Kingdom in Sweden, organised by ARNA at the very spot where two pilgrim trails meet in Harlösa. Walking Peace is a green, slow and peaceful way of making new connections across cultural backgrounds and religions, creating art as a statement for peace while walking. Afterwards I'll be researching the pioneer life in Värmland.


another day

fetching water from the well
making a woodfire in the stove
boiling water
dried raspberry leave and orange peel tea
picking blueberries for breakfast
the date on the yoghurt has long passed
but it is still tasty
somebody bakes pancakes from last night’s leftover pancake batter

a 30 minute walk through the forest
talking, thinking,
at andrea and jeppe’s there’s coffee and freshly baked bread
going through the jobs for the day

cleaning dishes, chopping wood, fetching water
digging a hole for the overfull toilet bucket
deep and steep
wheeling the soil to the hügelkultur beds
searching for worms with a 3 year old
seeing the soil in the wheel barrow being turned into a sand castle

lentil stew and weed salad for lunch
doing yoga with Maddy with our feet in the freshly ploughed earth
watering the plants in the newly built spiral herb garden

making circles around the apple trees with soil from last years hügelkultur beds

scratching the old musquito bites
chasing away horseflies
feeling the sun burning
lemonade, cookies, time to go home

washing off the dust at the lake
swimming to the other side
wandering around a blueberry field naked
eating loads of berries, drying in the sun
swimming back with juniper branches in our hair
the only way to bring the berries to the other side

an attempt to make stuffed cabage leaves
resulting in cabage lasagne
banana-coconut mint cocktails
with liquor made out of the dumpsterdive bananas

long walk along a sandy road
to a rave party at a secret location
5 kilometres from our house
in the middle of the forest
dancing, dancing, chilling out
just after 3 it turns light again
the sound of the first birds
sleeping in a cabin with an amazing view over the forest

another day